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the carabella difference

"Dr. Bella, Maria, and Vivian were all exceptional! Everything was explained very well and they answered every question I had. I’ve never had such an in-depth dental visit before - it was fantastic. It is clear that comfort and having a stress free visit is their priority. I HIGHLY recommend them, especially if you get nervous/anxious about going to the dentist!"

sarah e.

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comfortable & relaxing

Enjoy relaxing luxuries like Netflix, fleece blankets, neck pillows, noise canceling headphones, warm towels, comfort-driven sedation options, stress balls, and more.

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authentic & transparent

It’s your smile – we’re just here to help. So we openly share all your treatment options, honestly answer any questions you may have, and patiently walk with you every step of the way. Rest assured, we’re always on your side.

convenient & affordable

Take advantage of convenient scheduling and affordable care. In addition to helping you maximize your insurance benefits, we also offer special membership plans and convenient payment and financing options for more extensive smile transformations.

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the tailored vip experience

We see you. We hear you. We’re glad you’re here. We’ve created a tailored VIP experience just for you – designed around your wants, needs, expectations, and smile possibilities. Our mission is you.

Our patients say it better...

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Below I will expand on just a few of the little things Dr. Bella and her team do to create a truly unique healthcare experience, but underlying it all are a clear commitment to empathy and attention to detail typically reserved for five-star hotels and Michelin restaurants.

Imagine for a moment, a dentist where you can just as easily book an appointment via phone call, website, or extremely user-friendly app. Follow up is tailorable, but efficiently executed via text or email. Upon arrival, after the standard Covid protocols, you enter a newly built-out spa-like environment and are warmly greeted by a cheerful receptionist offering complimentary refreshments. A short tour introduces you to not only the firm's state of the art facility, but also their altruistic ethos and individual-based mission.

The rest is about you.

As you are shown to your seat, you are offered a card that allows you to note priorities in dental care - this is not levels of pay, mind you, but rather suggestions of how the team can better tailor your experience. The hygienist provides you a warm blanket, neck pillow, and noise-cancelling headphones. As you lay back, you notice a widescreen TV mounted to the ceiling above you where you can continue binging your favorite Netflix show as the latest industry technology is utilized to provide an efficient and minimally invasive cleaning you don't even remember happening.

If any of this sounds unbelievable, I agree. I couldn't wrap my head around it either. And this is before you find out that Dr. Bella is one of the most conscientious and transparent professionals imaginable. Her kind manner and ability to clearly outline her specific objectives in my preventative care left me coming out of the office thinking, 'Why hasn't a dentist ever explained something this way to me before?'

An even better question might be, 'In a field so dependent on referrals and repeat customers, why isn't a focus on comfort, communication, and individually-tailored preferences the industry standard?'

Trust me, no matter how many generations you have been going to the same family dentist, you need to at least try this place and see for yourself. Carabella Dental has truly changed the paradigm.

Oh, and did I mention they take insurance? Enough said.

noah b.

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